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Sports Massage

with a VTCT Level 4 Sports Massage Practitioner
A detailed, free consultation is included with this service.

Injury Prevention Sports Massage
After hard training/performance there is an accumulation of toxins and possible micro-traumas which can leave the body vulnerable to further injury when left untreated. By stimulating the blood circulation through deep tissue massage, the toxins are quickly removed and tailored remedial massage movements improve the healing and recovery of minor soft tissue injuries.
£20 (30 min)
£30 (60 min)

Remedial Sports Massage
Soft tissue manipulation techniques are used to help heal injuries and ailments and relieve discomfort eg frozen shoulder, piriformis syndrome, sciatica, RSI, tennis elbow.
A course of four initial treatments is recommended to reduce aches and pains and improve quality of life. Further, less frequent, maintenance treatments are advised. 
£20 (30 min)
£30 (60 min)