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Terms and Conditions for 'Taking the spa to you'

All Rame Wellness & Beauty services are for the time period pre-agreed when booking. If you decide to extend the treatment time, then an agreement can be made with the therapist if she's available and further payment is made. If you are late arriving, you must still pay for the therapist's booked time. 

Deposits: A 25% deposit is required when booking a 'Taking the spa to you' treatment. This deposit is refundable if cancellation is at least 48 hours prior to booking, however, the deposit will be retained if cancellation is under 48 hours prior to treatment. This is to take into account the therapist's time and effort to get to the accommodation and that other bookings may have been rejected in favour of yours. 

Balance of payment: The remainder of the treatment cost must be paid to the therapist upon her arrival. Payment can be taken by cash, Paypal, Mastercard, Maestro, VISA or American Express. A wifi signal is required for all digital payment methods. 

Screening forms: Each person having a treatment must complete a screening form to include medical conditions and signature before treatments commence.

Liability: All therapists are fully qualified and hold their own public liability insurance certificates.

Pregnancy: Treatments available for ladies up to 12 weeks pregnant are facials and scalp, face & neck massage only. Ladies over 12 weeks pregnant can have facials, reflexology, back, neck & shoulder massage (lying on their side), full-body pregnancy massage (lying on their side) or scalp, face & neck massage.

Children: Treatments are suitable for age 16 and upwards. If there are children or pets at the accommodation, please ensure that the therapist can set up her treatment area in a quiet room to ensure your total relaxation and enjoyment of your treatment. 

Room set up: The accommodation must have room to set up a 6 ft treatment couch with room for the therapist to move around it. A plug socket is also required to heat the couch.

Therapist arrival time: The therapist will arrive 30 minutes before the treatment is due to start in order to set up the equipment.

Behaviour: Our therapists are happy to treat couples and groups so long as there is a female present, no male only bookings. Any illicit or sexually suggestive remarks will result in immediate termination of service. Rame Wellness & Beauty, Millbrook accepts bookings from men.

Smoking/alcohol: Our therapists require a smoke-free environment. Therapists reserve the right to refuse treatment if they believe that too much alcohol has been consumed prior to treatment.